Dreads, dye jobs, wrap up EC students

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If there’s one word to characterize Eckerd students, it’s “unique.” Eckerd students have a unique variety of past-times, hobbies, internships and personality traits. And our uniqueness doesn’t stop at our interests. It extends to all aspects of our lives, even our bodies… specifically, our hair.Hair is one of the easiest and most effective ways to display your personality or convictions, and hair around the Eckerd College campus takes on many shapes, colors, cuts and fashions.

From the girls rocking “Skrillex” haircuts with half their hair buzzed and the other combed over, to the ever-popular ombre coloring where hair gradually grows lighter from the roots to the tips, to classic hippie dreadlocks, Eckerd College is a leader in unusual and interesting hair trends. While some students take the tamer route with their hair, choosing to dye their hair natural colors and getting common cuts, others go all out with Miley Cyrus-esque crazy cuts and rainbow colors all over.

Maya Carl (far left) flaunts her hair wraps. (photo by Alex Zielinski)

Maya Carl (far left) flaunts her hair wraps. (photo by Alex Zielinski)

It’s fitting that the hairstyles and hair colors of Eckerd College students reflect the immense diversity of the school. Many different ethnic groups, nationalities, and backgrounds are brought together in a giant melting pot where style influences are easily mimicked between peers. Hairstyles can bring a group of college students together through a night of making hair-wraps out of colored string, beads and shells, dreadlocking friends’ hair, or putting in feathers as part of their hair-accessories. Hair-wraps might be one of the most expressive ways to accessorize your hair because you choose what colors go into the wrap and you have the option of attaching whatever trinkets you want (shells, beads, charms, even miniature clocks).

Often on campus one might hear compliments directed at students by their peers or even, on occasion, professors about their hair or hair accessories being unique and interesting. Eckerd College students draw inspiration from others around them as well as celebrities seen in the media, such as Anne Hathaway with her pixie cut and Johnny Depp’s manly facial hair and ever-changing hairstyle.

In men, facial hair is growing more and more popular because it presents a “rugged” look, but clean-shaven is also seen a lot around campus. There are so many different hairstyles on campus that it is difficult to pinpoint the most popular, because our student body is so diverse. While dreadlocks and hair dye are very common, each student creates their own twist on the style so that no two haircuts are the same, and there are many variations.

I’ve seen loose dreadlocks, tight dreadlocks, and occasionally “half” dreadlocks. Students have dyed their hair every color of the rainbow, ranging from all-over dye to sectioning off the hair underneath. The ombre color scheme is seen on many different people, but the shades of blonde and brunette are different on everyone, and some people don’t use blonde and brunette at all, instead opting for hues of more radical colors. Hair is so diverse at Eckerd that you can literally do whatever you want with it and fit right in, just like all other aspects of life at Eckerd College.

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