ECOS orders new hammocks; declaration of candidacy deadline March 3

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The Eckerd College Organization of Students (ECOS) Senate met Feb. 24 and welcomed the newest addition to Senate, Ginny Hamiliton, as the Zeta Senator.

The first order of business was to either affirm or reject the students appointed by ECOS President Rhemy Brezin to their new positions. After unanimously confirming all appointed officials, ECOS welcomed the new Director of Public Relations Walker Banks, Director of Intercollegiate Affairs Julia Sparks and Manager of WECX Meg Meckas.

ECOS Vice President Eliza Van Dissel ran the meeting and when asked, clarified the duties of the intercollegiate affairs director. Every year, there is a conference called Academy of Florida Independent Colleges and Universities (AFICU)  where all of the student governments from local Florida schools participate in a weekend of workshops, mixers and leadership building. This year, the conference is being held at Eckerd, and will be coordinated and planned by Julia Sparks.

All were present, except for Delta Senator Timothy Farrell, Sigma Senator Ashley Sargo and Iota Senator Katherine Pace.

Before turning their attention to the rest of the meeting’s agenda, Alpha Senator Henry Ashworth noted that Asst. Director of the Waterfront Jim Terkelsen has requested to meet with senate members to discuss events the waterfront can offer to senators RAs for their complexes. Activities include sunset cruises, barbecues, wakeboarding trips and many more fun options.

Next on the agenda was addressing an idea Beta Senator Alek Matthieson had for improving awareness about the RespECt campaign. Senators will join forces with RAs to create a series of posters that will advocate for respect. Everyone in the house will sign it in hopes of bringing more commitment to the campaign. “Once someone signs something I think it makes it a little more serious,” Matthieson said.

The posters will feature a slogan created by residents, and the complex with the catchiest phrase will win a pizza party. The posters will be placed in the complex lounges. “The goal of it is to be community based, it will make [residents] more included,” Van Dissel said.

The next scheduled Pizza with the President is March 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Delta Lounge. ECOS is having reusable cups made for this event that will feature the next Pizza with the President date on it, as well as a bowtie.The cups will cost (unknown until later tonight) and will be taken out of Brezin’s budget. Kappa Senator Kyler Thomann volunteered to design the graphic for the cups. Approximately 100 will be ordered.

Van Dissel alerted the senators that four new hammocks have been ordered by campus activities. One will be hung at Epsilon, two on South beach, and one at Nu.. On the topic of hammocks, Nu Senator Hank Broege requested for $150 of his budget to fund an additional hammock to replace the one that used to be in the Nu courtyard. The motion for approval was unanimously passed.

Ashworth mentioned he had been in contact with Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness Ben Maxwell, who will be putting a budget proposal together for new furniture at the pool. The new furniture will be paid from the health and wellness budget. Ashworth is also having an estimate done, free of charge, for a possible new paint job to the Alpha lounge.

New black bulletin boards have now been installed in all traditional dorms, except Delta and Zeta. RAs, as well as residents, are welcome to use the board. The cutting board at the pier has also been installed.

Thomann reminded everyone that the next Kappa Kitchen will be held March 2, and will be “Cirque de Kappa” themed.

West Lodge Senator Haven Allard requested to bring the Sigma Block Party back to Sigma and West Lodge. Allard discussed plans to create a budget proposal and collaborate with the Sigma and West Lodge RAs in which he would use his $200 budget and additional money from the RAs’ budgets.

Allard also alerted the senate that Bon Appétit had ordered new silver utensils for the Cafe within a week that 200 went missing. “We need a metal detector in the cafe,” Allard joked.

Another eco-friendly initiative is in the works at the cafe. Instead of providing plastic throw-away cups, students would be allotted an ECO cup, of which they would be responsible.

Ashworth requested to look into purchasing a juice machine for the Cafe where students could use the many apples in the cafeteria to make fresh apple juice.

Broege called attention to the miss-marking, and lack of labeling of foods and their ingredients in the cafeteria. Ashworth and Allard volunteered to meet with Bon Appétit to discuss better labeling.

Newly elected senator Hamiliton will start with $100 in her budget instead of $200 because the previous senator spent $100 of the budget to purchase utensils for the Zeta Lounge. Hamilton called attention to the picnic table that is now missing from behind Zeta, and will speak with facilities to replace it. Hamiliton also brought up the vending machine in Zeta that only gives back pennies and dimes, and will work on getting quarters for the machine instead.

Commuter Senators Henry Palmer and Josh Annarelli reassured that “all the commuters are in good spirits,” and another cookout will be held at their off-campus residence later in the semester.

Van Dissel brought attention to the ECOS declaration of candidacy deadline, which is Sun. March 3 at 5:00 p.m. Students can run for four ECOS executive council positions: president, executive vice president, vice president of academic affairs and vice president of financial affairs.

Van Dissel encouraged senate members, as well as their friends, to get involved. “One thing that I don’t want is students to think that they can’t become involved with ECOS at any point in time, because they can, whether that’s through a senate position, executive position or an appointed position. They are more than welcomed to get involved,” Van Dissel added.

Van Dissel called the meeting adjourned at 6:48 p.m.


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