Get out and get active on your next date

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Looking for original and adventurous date ideas? Try out these three ideas for both on-campus and off-campus dates that will be sure to create a memorable and romantic experience.



Surfing is a great date option for those who want to bond on the beach. Junior Mara Shingleton and her boyfriend, Eckerd alum Michael Shiva Best (‘12), go surfing together. Best, who lives in Sebastian, Fla., introduced Shingleton to surfing. “I’m a beginner, so I started about 5 months ago during the waves of Hurricane Isaac, but he’s (Shiva) been surfing for years,” said Shingleton.

Shingleton and Best generally surf on the Atlantic Coast for the best waves. “I heard that some people occasionally try to surf on the Gulf Coast, but the waves there are usually pretty small and there can be a lot of seaweed at times.” she said. “Mainly, surfing is a great time to spend hours on the beach together working out, getting a tan and having fun.”

President of the Eckerd Surf Club, Senior Mac Hayward, recommends The Surf Shack and Lenny’s Surf Shop for surfing equipment rentals. Hayward notes that Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet are

good spots to catch waves on the Gulf Coast of Florida. “Surfing is a very emotional experience and when you are able to share it with a special person the barrels are better, the snaps are more epic and the airs are

even higher,” said Hayward.


2. Rock Climbing

If surfing isn’t for you, try out rock climbing for an adventurous date idea. Senior Ian McKenzie goes to Vertical Ventures, an indoor rock climbing gym in Tampa, for good times with friends or dates. McKenzie tried out Vertical Ventures as a freshman. “I enjoy the outdoors, so I figured I would take girls to a place that kind of replicates what I like,” he said. “It’s not too tough, and is really a lot of fun regardless of how in shape you are.”

Rockwall climbers high five after reaching the top. (Courtesy of Wikicommons/Cotton Cotton)

Rockwall climbers high five after reaching the top. (Courtesy of Wikicommons/Cotton Cotton)

Rock climbing is both good exercise and challenging. “The joy comes from being able to find a comfortable spot and observe your surroundings, whether you’re by yourself, with friends or with your date,” said McKenzie.


3. Waterfront activities

If you want to stay on campus for your date, look no further than the Waterfront to provide exciting and interesting opportunities.

Consider renting a kayak or paddleboard for a romantic afternoon. The Waterfront is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Whether you go surfing, rock climbing or explore the Waterfront, you’ll have a great time.



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