Going global without leaving the bubble

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Recently, I submitted several forms to the registrar. This is not my first time in the registrar’s office, nor will it be the last, but it was the first time I’ve had to submit an appeal of any sort. I am appealing for a global perspective, which, to me, is astounding.

How is it possible that in my almost four years at Eckerd, one of the most globally aware campuses in the United States, I have not taken one class that has been deemed “global?”

I have never traveled abroad, true, but I make a point to seek out every friend who does and listen intently to his or her stories. I have heard tales of Argentina, India, Spain, Ecuador, Morocco, Italy, France, New Zealand, Peru, Malawi, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Thailand, Cambodia… need I go on?

I cherish my friends’ memories and dream of the days I’ll have enough time to do some travelling of my own. Unfortunately, I have two minors, two majors and a newspaper to run, so studying abroad was out of the question.

But I know that’s not the only way to obtain a global perspective.

My very first class at Eckerd, an Autumn Term class called “Communicating Across Cultures,” should be proof enough that I have a passion for global cultures. I have read literature from all over the globe for my literature minor and studied a plethora of societies, including native tribes that most people have never even heard of, for my sociology major.

The class I am appealing for is “Time and Temporal Systems,” a sociology class in which we explore how different cultures view time, days, months and years. This is, in fact, a global course, but I have to appeal for it to be included in the global perspective simply because I am taking the class as an independent study instead of in a classroom.

I’m not upset I have to appeal. I’d just like to know why, in all of my years at Eckerd, I haven’t done anything that could be considered “global.”

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