Lonely and loving it: fun ways to spend the 14th

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As any typical single person dreading Valentine’s Day, you may be wondering the different ways you can spend it without maliciously glaring at the overly cute couples lining up around campus or ending up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning due to drinking your loneliness away.

Lucky for you, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couple love. You can take your adoration of cats to a whole new level, and spend the day at a local animal shelter, petting and cuddling with the feisty fluff-balls there. If your cat preference is a little bigger than the house-pet variety, the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo is an easy 30-40-minute drive, and they have tigers, which are slightly more awesome.

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If cats aren’t your prerogative (and now that’s really sad, because the socially accepted alternative to human love is cats), then don’t fear. There are a few more options you can choose. Since studies have come out recently claiming that chocolate stimulates our brains in the same way as love does, why not spend the day making truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries, of course not sharing your morsels with anybody else.

If you’re feeling especially cynical this year, why not hit up dirtyrottenflowers.com? The online company will send decaying, decapitated flowers to your ex including the inscription of your choosing (hey, sometimes you’re too bitter to be the bigger person and you just need to have the last word).

Personally, after reading through the website, my favorite option is the “bad lay” which is a lei made of dead orchids.

One can always take a page out of Jessica Biel’s book from 2010’s semi-comical “Valentine’s Day” and host an “anti Valentine’s Day” party, including a giant heart piñata guests take turns beating to death (if you are going to do this, there needs to be a wedding happening in the background, just like in the movie).

It’s also perfectly acceptable to spend Valentine’s Day looking up all of Taylor Swift’s failed relationship attempts and laughing while you try to figure out which of her songs correlate to the different boys she’s dated.

All of these things listed have a central “I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day because I’m single” theme, so I’ll also offer some ideas on activities to do that don’t make you look slightly pathetic (I said slightly because, let’s face it, it’s not actually pathetic unless you’re sitting in front of your computer in the pajamas you’ve been wearing for the last week throwing a box of chocolates at the screen while “Titanic” plays).

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to go out solo and try it? Why not spend this day dedicated to love by loving yourself enough to step outside of your comfort zone and go skydiving, rock climbing or taking the first steps to getting your scuba license?

You can show love for your community by strutting into service learning and finding out information on volunteering in downtown St. Petersburg for the day. Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day this year, just make sure you’re happy and doing something that you love, no matter what it is.

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