Star wakeboarder switches teams

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Phil Soven, number one ranked wakeboarder in the world, has announced that he will be joining the CTRL team for the 2013 season after stating that he was leaving Liquid Force a few weeks ago. Soven, who has ridden for Liquid Force since the age of six, has chosen to switch to an up and coming company at age 23.

According to an interview with Alliance Wake, Soven explained that the deal has been a long process, starting as just a friendly relationship that has moved into a new front man for an otherwise unknown brand.

Soven told Alliance that the small, unknown facets of the company are what drew him in. “For one, the fact that it is a younger, smaller company. So rather than me jumping onto a big, major brand and trying to fit into their mold, I can go to CTRL and create a mold. We’ve got the opportunity to build something from the ground up.”

Soven has “fit the mold” for the past 17 years, and it seems it is his time to start creating himself as what he wants to be in the sport. Although it is speculated that Soven will take part ownership in CTRL, he has not admitted this to any source yet.
Cape Town South Africa hosted the 2013 Red Bull King of the Air competition. After an eight-year break from the contest, Red Bull brought it back with 24 of the best kiteboard riders from around the world.

With winds coming off the bay at up to 30 knots, riders were able to soar 50 feet in the air with the help of their kites. When scoring the athletes, judges looked mainly for the height the riders were getting, along with technical abilities performed.
Jesse Richman of the U.S. took first place, followed by Nick Jacobsen of Denmark, and finishing up the podium was Sam Light from the U.K. according to the King of the Air website.

Another Red Bull sponsored event recently passed was the Australia Cliff Diving Qualifiers. Over a series of eight jumps spread across a few days, 13 divers competed for five spots in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013.

Judgment of the jumps was based closely to how Olympic diving is scored. A small panel of judges scored each jump on a scale of one to ten. The top five divers with the highest combined scores at the end of the contest qualified for the World Series.

The five divers who qualified were Matt Cowen from the UK, Anatoliy Shabotenko from the Ukraine, Blake Aldridge from the U.K., Michal Navratil from the Czech Republic and Jonathan Parades from Mexico, reports

Just weeks past the Winter X Games, snowboarders had to be prepared to compete in the Burton European Open. The competition was held in Laax Switzerland, Feb. 4-9. The Open held two events, men’s slopestyle and halfpipe with both men and women’s divisions.

After getting the gold medal in Big Air at the Winter X Games, Horgmo Torstein also took the gold in the Slopestyle at the Burton European Open. Even though he won gold back to back at the Winter X Games in the event the past two years, Mark McMorris would drop to the silver position this time. Rounding off the podium with bronze was Sebastien Toutant.

Each spot of the women’s halfpipe podium was filled by a rider from the US, and two from the podium at the Winter X Games Superpipe. Arielle Gold, who placed third at X Games, would place first in the event. Kelly Clark, like McMorris, took first in the event at X Games, but dropped to second here at the Open. And finally, Ellery Hollingsworth would take the number three spot.

The up and coming 14-year old from Japan would have his time to shine at the end of the men’s halfpipe event. With no Shaun White to drop him to number two, Ayumu Hirano took the top spot at the Open. Taking second was Iouri Podladtchikov and in third was Scott Lago. Both the second and third place riders competed at winter X Games, but fell just short of the podium.

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